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We are the leading provider of Premium Steel and Expanded Metal backflow preventer cages/enclosures. We offer custom designed backflow preventer enclosures for your specific needs. For more information please contact a sales team member today at 623-888-2079 Contact Us.

Because of the rising prices of copper and brass backflow protection cages have become an important deterrent of theft and vandalism to the backflow preventer valve. The metal enclosure provides protection from vandalism, harsh weather, and it completes the backflow preventer installation. Putting a backflow cage over your backflow can also prolong the life of your backflow preventer valve and prevent unnecessary repairs caused by freezing, or from overheating by the sun. Out backflow protection enclosures cover ½” pipes to 2″ standard pipes. We make custom cages that can 3″ to 12″ pipes as well.

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